Hey Mom & Dad,

I know you love your girl. And yes — though there are so many more opportunities than ever for young women these days, life is still a challenging rollercoaster filled with pressure to be perfect, social media comparison, bullying, overwhelm and stress, low self-esteem and poor body image. Sometimes it is a little too much for us to handle on our own.

This is where I come in.

I am here to be a big sis, a cheerleader, a coach and a confidant for your daughter, working as a team with both you AND her to develop the resilience and self-confidence needed so she can reach her dreams.

I’ve been working in the field of fitness and wellness for over 8 years. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Youth Exercise Specialist through National Academy of Sports Medicine, I focus on utilizing movement to not only prevent injury and increase sports performance of student athletes, but to build self-confidence and strength from the inside out.

Today, my practice BraveHER expands outside the gym by incorporating goal setting and coaching in the areas of academics, home life, sports, young careers and more.