Searching for the right words? look no further. 


Current location: Hawaii + anywhere with internet


Brand storyteller. Fitness professional. Experience creator. Wellness writer.

Hey there, I'm Avery — and I've always had a thing for words. Whether spoken, neatly typed, or scrawled in a notebook, I've taken to them in attempt to make sense of the world around me.

As a writer, I pour words out on the pages of fiction crafted in my head, or drop them like knowledge as I dive into the latest fitness and health trends for sites including POPSUGAR and Refinery29.

I bring my words out on the bike, leading high-energy spin classes that are half cardio, half therapy. And when the day ends, I share my words and listen to those of others over spicy margaritas our while chasing sand and sunshine on weekend trips. 

Now, let's put my words to good use for you.