Hey there, I’m Avery. I believe we can grow braver, together.



OK, I am going to be super real here — My teen years were some of the most challenging of my life. I was an honor student trying for all A’s, I swam on both the varsity swim team and for a club team, and was on leadership for many different school clubs including working in the school’s office as a peer counselor. It was no wonder the pressure of “doing it all” started to add up — and quickly.

During all of this I struggled with bullying, questioned my self-confidence, and had extreme need to do everything perfectly. I eventually developed an eating disorder as an unhealthy way to manage and cope with the stress.

Does any of the above sound like you? Do you ever feel like you’re just barely treading water while everyone else is lapping you in the pool?

My sweet sister, here is the truth — we ALL have our own struggles, big and small. But thankfully, there is hope! THINGS GET BETTER. I promise. By the grace of God and through several tough years of therapy, coaching, and doing some deep inner work, I am proud to say I’ve been in recovery for nearly 10 years. I feel more solid in myself than I ever have before. While there are still plenty of hard days (that is life, babygirl), I am better equipped with the tools and support system to knock ‘em out of the park and continue to grow stronger and BRAVER, every single day.


Nobody should ever feel like they have to do life alone. We are created for community, for friendships and family relationships. Life can be tough but it is during these tough times we get stronger, learn more about who we are and what we are capable of. We come out on the other side as warriors, ready to take on the day with grace, compassion and victory.

So what do I do? I am your cheerleader, your coach, your big sister. I am your safe place to bring whatever is weighing your pretty little shoulders down, and to celebrate your wins. We work as a team to create goals, routines, and systems so you can face the day with confidence and joy. That A on your test? It’s yours. The spot on the volleyball team? Let’s get it, girl. Getting closer to your bestie? Yup, we do it.


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